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November 4, 2014 President Nursultan Nazarbayev approved the Concept of Cultural Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. An important part of the strategic intent of the cultural policy is to join the Republic of Kazakhstan in the 30 developed countries.

The main objective of the Concept - the development of the cultural cluster of the multinational state, the formation of cultural konkuretnosposobnogo rod, the creation of modern cultural clusters.

To date, the main feature of many peoples and nations is the development of culture and cultural potential. The main achievements can be considered as the level of cultural development, productive activities infrastructures cultural institutions and mechanisms to ensure the conservation and enrichment of national and world heritage kultturnogo, efficient exchange of cultural, spiritual, and creative implementation.

Cultural policy - the main ideological feature of every effective state, forming the sanity of the individual and the fundamental values ??of society.

Achievements in the field of culture is not valued work agencies, statistical indicators, or the presence of famous names.

Culture is not seen as entertainment and leisure, culture - a powerful method of forming a national ideology, which is considered in relation to the cultural development and the establishment of the people in the world space.

The sphere of culture is an important factor for investment orientation of business - initiatives and economy: the film industry, animation, circus Art, concert and theater work, etc.

State network of cultural objects and archives of Karaganda region includes 673 objects of culture, art and archives: 324 libraries, 268 club-type institutions, 21 videomobil, 5 theaters, 19 museums, 20 archives, 2 concert organizations, regional scientific-methodical center of leisure and arts and crafts , Centre for the Conservation of historical and cultural heritage, 7 amusement parks, theaters, a cinema, an exhibition hall and a zoo.

The "Strategy" Kazakhstan-2050 ", talking about the crisis of values ??of our civilization, the President urges to become followers of the dialogue of cultures and civilizations. Such dialogue helps our active touring theatrical and concert organizations and amateur art. During 2015 creative teams KO them. K.Bayzhanova during the visit of the official delegation on tour visited several cities of Turkey, collective theater. S.Seifullin with the production M.Auezov "Karakoz" participated in the XVI International Theater Festival in the Turkish city of Trabzon, Temirtau theater for children and young people took part in the International Theatre Festival "Wreath of friendship" in Belarus and won II prize.

Five hundred years ago, namely in the middle of the XV century on the territory of our modern state was a powerful state called the Kazakh Horde. For four hundred years, the state freely and independently developed and is distinguished by its unique rich cultural appearance.

1465-1470 gg. - A period of not creating Khanate, and during the creation of power, this time, not independence, and recognition of its neighboring countries.

The founders of the Kazakh Khanate Kerey Janibek and hoisted the flag of the Kazakh Khanate in the area Kozybasy in the Chu River.

Preserving our independence, waving the flag of an independent state under a clear sky - debt podrastayushego generation. Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev implements a policy of "Mangilik eating", which was the dream of our ancestors.

In his Address to the Nation "Nurly Zhol - Path to the Future", President Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that the year 2015 is the greatness of the nation's history and evaluation of the achieved heights and to hold events dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate in the international and ruspublikanskom level.

The whole world has recognized our state not only in the territory on the map, and the richness of the subsoil of our land and the development of the economy thanks to the policy of our Leader.

In accordance with the Plan of measures on preparation and holding in 2015, the 550-year anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate, approved by Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan 1448 of December 31, 2014, events were held in the area of ??national importance.

June 26-28, 2015 pos.Ulytau Karaganda region held International scientific-practical conference "Ulytau - ?lt ?yasy" with the participation of eminent scholars, museum professionals and historians of Kazakhstan and Russia) and regional events.

August 7, 2015 in Zhezkazgan historical museum was opened exhibition dedicated to 550 anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate and panoramic diorama "Battle Bulantinskaya" Kazakh-Jungar wars of the XVIII century.

21-23 August in Ulytau district opened a memorial stele "B?lanty shay?asy" held republican scientific-practical conference "Ulytau - ?lt besg" and theatrical performance "Tarikh ta?ylymy" with the participation of professional and amateur field teams).

11-13 September last year on an area of ??the monument "Kazakh Eli" event held in Astana theater, concert and artistic groups of the Karaganda region.

8-10 October 2015 in celebration of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate in the celebrations in the city of Taraz attended the Kazakh Drama Theatre. S.Seifullin with the historical drama "Uly Arman" D. Ramadan and krevedchesky Karaganda Regional Museum with an exhibition on the theme of "Saryarka - dalaly? ?rkeniett? besg Altyn".

One of the most important activities in the field of culture is the study and preservation of invaluable historical and cultural heritage.

In the Karaganda region there are 16 museums, and 3 branches. The total number of items stored in the museums of the region, is 341176 units of storage, which is more than 7978, of which the main fund - 252274 storage units. Museums in the area of ??research and collecting activities, collected 7957 pieces -. Ethnography items, arts and crafts, painting and other items, as compared to the same period more than at 49. During the reporting period, a museum area visited 477316 person.

2015 as a result of regional competition among the Karaganda artists had created an art-Scenic monumental mural "Faces of Victory" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War. The picture shows the 35 heroes of the Soviet Union and 9 full gentlemen of awards of Glory, predstvalennaya work has historical authenticity and a portrait likeness. Author Eugene Kim panels. size 2-4, oil on canvas.

exhibition The project "Jubilee of Victory" which included three exhibition "Portrait of victory", "red trail" and "downside". All these exhibition devoted to the 70 anniversary of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War, a feat internationalist warriors and military-patriotic education of the younger generation.

In 2015, in the theaters of the Karaganda region was supplied with over 1500 performances. Including 16 premieres.

4 new productions dedicated to 550 anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate. This historical drama "Uly Arman" D. Ramadan (Kazakh Drama Theatre. S.Seifullin), "Keyk Batyr" S. T?r?ynbek?ly (Zhezkazgan Music and Drama Theatre named after. S. Kozhamkulova), the drama "Love Poem" G. Muspepova (Russian Drama theater. Stanislavsky), Fairy Tale "Golden knife" V. Ilyuhova (Temirtau theater for children and youth).

And also, in the Kazakh Drama Theater. S.Seifullin held a big premiere drama K. Zhumabekova "Adas?andar". The play tells that some young people do not fully understand the Islamic religion, entangled in this life, nenashedshie itself to demonstrate how, leave their country for the profit of money, wealth, and by the agitation of the Islamists, who are covered by these Muslims. As a result, they get frustrated, great regret that rejected the parents, relatives and friends. Not everyone is destined to return home.

Book library area fund totals 6,290,146 copies., Including in rural areas 2,944,050 copies., Served 369,753 readers, including in rural areas 152 241, delivery of books amounts to 7,568,351 copies., Of them in rural areas 2,930,677 copies .

In order to implement the cultural policy of Kazakhstan is actively working 268 cultural and leisure facilities in the area. Clubs Karaganda area for 2015 held 30149 of cultural and leisure activities that are visited by 5 million. 572 thousand spectators.

Conducted archaeological research in the territory of monuments, compiled scientific reports: monuments of Turkic Kipchak and the era of the Karaganda region; monuments of ancient metallurgy of Central Kazakhstan; monuments located in the lower reaches r.Sarysu, Ulytau district; archaeological sites of Lake Tengiz, Nura District; burial Aksu Ayuly 1.3 burial Tankar Shet district; Complex Okulov, Osakarov District; Petroglyphs of the Karaganda region; compiled an archaeological map of districts of the region; prepared to publish a book about the historical places associated with the uprising Kenesary Kasymov; prepared for publication the book "Monuments of religious architecture Ulytau district."

Carried out the restoration, conservation and improvement works on: Medetbay mausoleum, archaeological complex Bektau Ata, Aktogay area; mausoleums and graves of the Bronze Age and RZHV Atasuyskogo neighborhood, Zhanaarka District; Matak mausoleum Batyr archaeological complex Besoba, Karkaraly District; Akpan mausoleum, Mazar Sean Nura District; mausoleums Mney kazhy, Kulmuhamet Ishan Arystanbayuly, Shagir house Bimendy, Ulytau district; mausoleums Zliha, Shore, archaeological complex Belasar, cemetery Nurataldy, Shet district.

During the reporting period the National archives in Karaganda region increased by 36,000 units of storage, which is 10% higher compared to the same period last year.

During this period the state archives of public services rendered 44,696 for issuing archival information, including through PSC - 2596 by PES (e-government portal) - 3987, which is not much higher than last year. Uslugopoluchatelyami composed of 17,000 cards in quality services, of which 97% (as last year) was rated as "good", others as "satisfactory" (this is due to lack of documents in the archives).

In this year published a collection of documents and materials "Karaganda region during the Great Patriotic War. Children rear "and the collection of documents and materials" Karaganda region during the Great Patriotic War. "

The book was prepared in collaboration with scientists from the Karaganda State University. Buketov. The collection includes more than 300 documents. The book was prepared within the framework of celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory

The collection of materials "We intermarry Sary-Arka" of peoples deported from the North Caucasus. The publication is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

In the archives of works on digital storage and accounting documents of modern technologies. In 2013-2015. in the provincial archive and archive digitized Zhezkazgan 40,0 thous. documents.

November 24-27, 2015. were held in the cinema "Saryzhaylau" presentation of the documentary about outstanding kuishi, dombra player, one of the school founders execution kyuis style "shertpe" Tattimbet Kazan?ap?ly, scientific-practical conference with the participation of famous dombra players and scientists on the occasion of the 200th anniversary celebration Tattimbet Kazan?ap?ly "kui k?mbez T?ttmbet ". Three days in our city held VI Republican competition of performers on folk instruments name Tattimbet. Grand Prix won from Karaganda Magauov Samal. The nomination dombra First place was awarded to Didar Isahan of Almaty, in nominitsii kyl-kobyz First place took the representative of Taldykorgan Abashev Damir, the nomination kobyz Prima First place Auzhanova from Karaganda Aigul representative and Almaty Ayapov Aigerim.

Festive events dedicated to the public and important dates, are remarkable events in the cultural life of the region. Widely in was marked Nauryz celebrating May 1 - the Day of Unity of People of Kazakhstan, Defender of the Fatherland Day, the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Day of Miner.

The big event in the cultural life of Karaganda was the presentation of the 100-volume book "Saryarka Kitapkhanasy", which included the works of the authors of the Karaganda region of centuries past and our contemporaries;

Show national premiere film studio "Kazakhfilm". Sh.Aymanova "The Road Home", XXV anniversary regional festival "Ulytau ?n" regional festival of ethnic cultures "Shanyrak friendship", dedicated to the Year of Kazakhstan People's Assembly, evenings memory of People of Kazakhstan artists Jamilya Shashkina, Kargambaya Sataeva and Asia Ablaeva, poet Nurasily Barmenbaevoy, creative evening of People's artist of Kazakhstan Makpal Zhunusova and the opening of its "stars" on the Walk of stars, at the V national contest of pop performers "Zhuldyz-2015" winners were Sharap T?r?an?l (Almaty) - Grand Prix, Ahmed Sultan Astana - first place the group "300 "(Karaganda) - second place, third place, Laura Aitbaeva (Karaganda), Sartukov Ayymbek (WKO).

At the republican competition "Zhas Kanat-2015" held in Astana Laura Aitbaeva of Karaganda took second place.

This year is a year of significant dates and anniversaries: the 25th anniversary of Independence of our country, the 80th anniversary of the Karaganda region, the 150th anniversary of Alikhan Bokeikhanov be held with UNESCO support.

I am confident that the year would be the best period of the realization of the planned large-scale plans in this area.


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March 15, 2018 in the First President Historical and Cultural Center there was the festive event dedicated to Nauryz.


February 15,2018 in the First President Historical and Cultural Center heldthe opening ceremony of the exhibition negel mir, dedicated to the absoluteworld champion in Powerlifting, master of sports of the USSR, the master of sports of the international classAjtzhanIsakov.




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